Coaching For Improved Performance

Stop Being a Reactive Manager

When managers say they want to improve performance, what they really want is to improve results.

But you can’t manage a result. If it didn’t happen yet it’s a goal, an objective, or an expectation. Once it happens, it’s history.

You can only manage what people do—the behavior that creates results.

Management is a system of interventions: specific things you do to get specific things done through others. It is not a system of keeping score.

It makes no sense to get involved when the results are in at the end of the month or the end of the quarter, because by then it’s too late. Effective management is active and dynamic, and should influence the outcome of the month or quarter while they’re still in progress.

The idea that you can “manage to the metrics” is absurd. You can strategize to the metrics—and by all means you should. You can delve into the data for insights that guide how to solve your most vexing problems – and you’d be crazy (or lazy) not to. But you don’t manage data points. You manage people.

Managers don’t get paid for what they do. They get paid for what their employees do.

But how do you make course corrections when things start trending badly? How do you intervene with an employee who seems determined to keep doing the wrong thing? How do you get your team to blast through a performance plateau that could make them grow stale?

You can try Y-S-T Therapy. But how much yelling, screaming, or threatening can you do before they tune you out? And who would want to work in such a toxic environment?

You can try cash incentives for better performance. But how long can you afford to do that?

The answer is coaching.

Coaching for Profit has developed a program designed to give your managers a simple, logical, and proven approach to employee coaching.

It is based on research conducted over the course of decades by Ferdinand Fournies, a professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business, who interviewed more than 35,000 managers. That research formed the basis of the international best-seller Coaching for Improved Work Performance, the business book that launched America’s business coaching revolution.

And as the nation’s foremost experts on the Fournies Method, Coaching for Profit has advanced these findings and updated the approach to include how to effectively manage your remote workers, telecommuters, and road warriors, as well as contract employees.

Coaching for Profit builds interventions designed to give managers at all levels the skills they need to get the best out of every employee.

Because while job descriptions vary, the techniques for powerful and effective one-on-one coaching do not.

Give us a call, and unlock the secrets to getting the right things done through others.