Continuous Improvement in the Real World

There’s a good reason many companies have grown skeptical about consultants who peddle employee training: Things that sound reasonable in the classroom often don’t fly in the real world of running your business.

The founders of Coaching for Profit have been there. We’ve sat through more training and burned more hours at conferences than we care to admit.

So we’ve taken a different approach with our training. Our training is built on the hardest cases, not the easy ones that promise a straight path to blue skies and rainbows. We invite you to challenge us as stubbornly as you can.

  • We want you to bring your worst employee performance problems with you and throw them on the table. That way you’ll be able to apply what you’re learning to a relevant real-world situation immediately—not after we’ve packed up our things and moved onto the next client.
  • We stick around. Built into every Coaching for Profit agreement is a series of onsite follow-up sessions that both reinforce the training and address specific instances of how the training fell short in the real-world of your organization.
  • We give you on-demand remote access for answers to those critical questions that come up when you’re getting used to practicing the Coaching for Profit methodologies.

Give us a call, and experience the difference real-world coaching can make in your organization.