What To Do About It

We know that roughly 50% of employee performance problems can be attributed to a lack of feedback.

Strange as it sounds, most employees don’t know how well or badly they are doing. And if they think their work is just fine, they have no reason to change what they’re doing.

So it’s only logical to begin your intervention with feedback.

  • Employees often don’t know how many mistakes they are making, or how often they miss work on a Monday. Tell them. Put their performance in context.
  • Sometimes they will know, but assume everyone else is doing the same thing. Educate them.
  • Sometimes they know they’re performing below expectations in a certain area, but they don’t think it’s much of a problem. This could reflect a disconnect in how they view their priorities. Expand their thinking by building out exactly why it’s a problem.
  • When giving feedback, at all times be as specific as you can.
  • When giving feedback, use neutral language. Questions that begin with “Do you realize…” or “Are you aware…” can guide you into fruitful discussions that avoid making your employee apprehensive or aggressive.

Giving specific feedback is the quickest, cheapest, and most effective intervention for improving performance.

But sometimes feedback doesn’t work.

Coaching for Profit has developed a simple, logical, and proven process for discovering the true causes of poor employee performance.

We work closely with your managers to make sure they proceed logically and unemotionally through the full range of possibilities until they identify what’s causing the problem.

We provide sound strategies for turning things around.

We show them exactly how (and how often) to follow up to assure compliance. And we show them how not to.

And we deliver intervention models that guide your managers through the one-on-one discussions that are essential to fixing problem workplace performance and behaviors.

Give us a call today, and start taking control of your workplace.