Gaining True Visibility

The business world breaks almost evenly into two camps – those companies that value raw data and work hard to glean insights that drive strategy, and those that cling to what made them money in the past and mostly fly by the seat of their pants.

We know which group to bet on.

From professional sports franchises winning more with smaller payrolls, to marketing conglomerates gobbling up wallet share in highly competitive industries, to political candidates projecting various paths to victory, data-driven decision making has transformed how things get sold.

But looking in the right places, and at the right numbers, can also change how things get done.

Coaching for Profit specializes in identifying where our clients need to look in order to measure how well they do what they do.

* Not sure why so many sales prospects eventually buy somewhere else? We have the analytics that can show you exactly where in your sales process things are going sideways.

* Can’t pinpoint why it takes so long to get a certain kind of project over the finish line? We have the proven methodologies that can show you where (and why) these projects are not as profitable as you need them to be.

* Struggling to figure out how to streamline internally, to better utilize expensive talent? We build systems that measure time spent—and time lost—on key tasks and deliverables.

And you don’t have to be sitting on petabytes of information to be able to benefit from an analytics-driven approach.

We’ll help you ask questions that challenge your operations and performance status quo, and then build a plan to find the answers in the data.

It’s not rocket science. It’s not even computer science.

It’s business.

Give us a call.