Instilling Process Discipline

Most of the time, management training represents a great idea that quickly devolves into a waste of money.

The problem isn’t the training, or even how much—or little—learning takes place. And it’s not a lack of enthusiasm on the part of the troops.

The problem is most companies, and managers, and employees, lack the discipline needed to consistently carry forward with the new way of approaching and accomplishing things. As a result, they slip back into the same old processes that made them inefficient and dissatisfied in the first place.

Coaching for Profit specializes in developing internal controls designed to catch the backsliding before it undermines the sought-after improvements.

We build systems to ensure follow through as part of every client engagement.

In other words, we don’t walk away after a client intervention and wait for things to get back to normal. You don’t want normal. Normal wasn’t acceptable before, and now it’s both unacceptable and expensive.

Instead, we give you insightful ways of measuring internal compliance with your new and improved approach. And we follow up with you to review those metrics and pinpoint areas of potentially harmful deviation.

We don’t want you wasting money on us. We want you becoming an enthusiastic fan. And we can’t do that unless we help you through the early days when your people are the most resistant to change.

Contact us, and let’s start making the most important changes stick this time.