Time for Marketing to step up

In an article in CMO Magazine, our president, Michael Gavaghen, issued a challenge to marketing executives everywhere:

“Step up and take on a greater responsibility for the first wave of business acquisition.”

That mission was important when he first announced it, and it’s more important than ever today.

Prospecting after the gold rush

Most of the accepted wisdom about sales prospecting became accepted more than 30 years ago, in the ancient time before voicemail and email.

But consider how things work today . . .

* Unified messaging encourages busy executives to ignore their phone altogether, and skim through calls from the comfort of their inbox. [DELETE, DELETE, DELETE.]

* The massive proliferation of email marketing means most executives receive between 200 and 400 unfiltered emails every day. [DELETE, DELETE, DELETE.]

* Prospective B2B customers no longer rely exclusively on vendors to educate them about new products and services. Today they fire up the Google Machine and start making decisions before they ever talk to a salesperson. [“This one’s too expensive. This one’s too complicated. This one won’t scale.”]

As a result, the spray and pray approach to prospecting is less efficient and costlier than ever. And the idea of a six-figure sales professional spending hours dialing and hanging up on voicemail after voicemail makes us nauseous.

So how do you fill the top of the sales funnel?

Marketing needs to take on the key role here by establishing presence and credibility. It takes a lot more than just robust SEO or growing your following on social media. To cut through today’s cluttered marketplace, marketing must deliver valuable and enriching content at every touch. Content that advances your organization safely through and beyond the DELETE minefield, and content that positions you for meaningful inbound conversations.

Coaching for Profit builds multi-platform marketing programs exclusive to your company that do exactly that.

Call us today – Yeah, that’s right… Become one of those inbound contacts – and we’ll show you how to get there.