Common-sense B2B Social Media

We get it. You’re a service business that sells to other companies, and you’ve been hearing for years—for decades—how important social media is to the health of your organization. You’ve given it a try. You established a Facebook page, and even updated it for a while. You tweet to your 105 followers about various things your company has achieved. You’re on LinkedIn, certainly, and you may even be one of those guys who believes he who dies with the most contacts wins.

And you’ve grown cynical because none of these efforts have led to new business.

They can’t, because B2B buyers aren’t like consumers. They don’t shop on social media.

That doesn’t make social media a waste of time. But it does mean it has to be approached differently.

Coaching for Profit works with B2B organizations to develop social media strategies that make a real difference in how they separate from their competitors and how they’re perceived in their target marketplace.

Contact us for a BS-free discussion about how to use social to make you more successful.

Because if it’s not doing that, why would you bother with it?