Putting the Two Together

In many organizations, marketing sits at the tail end of the product or solution development process. Big mistake.

Marketing belongs at the front end of the sales process. It needs to take its cues from the people tasked with converting its leads into spendable dollars.

In many organizations, sales professionals are expected to do all the prospecting. Big mistake.

Marketing needs to assume a larger responsibility for the top of the sales funnel. It needs to free six-figure earners from low-value prospecting drills.

In many organizations, marketing gets to skirt without metrics, and without being held accountable for impacting business outcomes. Big mistake.

You can keep score for your marketing operation just as you do for sales. The key is establishing the right metrics, and then having the process discipline to follow them.

Coaching for Profit clients blend sales and marketing into a seamless, customer-centric process that guides their target prospects through a buying cycle that is truly win-win.

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