Sales Management That Really Works

Taking the mystery out of effective sales management

SPIN Selling. Strategic Selling. Solution Selling. Sandler Sales. (What is it about sales gurus, and their love of the letter S?)

How about giving Sensible Selling a try, for a change?

Because there are a lot of bold claims out there. Promises that sound compelling in a book, or on a video conference, or at a seminar, but which – thousands of dollars later – fizzle out just like the last Big Idea.

Here at Coaching for Profit, we’ve distilled the business development process into its most critical components.

  • Impactful sales behaviors that can be taught, tracked, and measured.
  • Sales management strategies that cut to the heart of what matters – and aren’t such a pain to stick with.
  • Metrics that make sense both in the field and in the executive suite.


More sales through better management. It really is possible.

Three things can sabotage any sales training initiative.

1. A fatal disconnect between the sales consultant or trainer and the real world of salespeople who need to make their mortgage payments, and companies who need to make the monthly nut.

Our approach starts in the real world – your real world. Only after diving into your company’s own sales trenches do we put together an approach that’s unique to your business. There is nothing theoretical about how we tackle the challenges of growing sales.

2. Another disconnect between what your newly trained, newly inspired salespeople have learned to do, and what your tired old sales management structure expects them to do.

Our approach devotes more time to coaching your sales managers than it does to coaching your salespeople. Because changing selling behavior is difficult, and most managers lack the tools and techniques that have the highest likelihood of success. And because in this game, the absence of true accountability is fatal.

3. A lack of process discipline will undermine even those efforts that get off to a terrific start.

We will remain with your team well beyond the end of formal training, to make certain of internal follow through, and, more important, to make the always necessary company-specific tweaks to the process.

If you’re not happy with your numbers, or if it seems as if your sales professionals are just going through the motions, give us a call.

Sensible sales improvement. Go figure.