Selling and Accountability

Coaching for Profit’s mission is to Transform your culture into one of continuous improvement and accountability.

Nowhere is that accountability more critical than in the sales department. And nowhere is it so elusive.

Effective selling does not consist of mindlessly working a canned sales methodology.

Rather, successful selling requires your people to be fluid and accountable.

They need to be capable of shifting within the dynamic flow of a sales opportunity, and even within a sales call. They must identify and articulate the specific inflection points that become milestones within a complex sale. And they should be made to explain their choices, how they pivoted and why.

Coaching for Profit helps you build an environment in which consistently living up to these expectations leads to true accountability.

But it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Your team – both the producers and especially their managers – need to be given the tools and the knowhow to get there.

We’ll help you get there. Give us a call.