What Really Matters in Sales

Getting to what really matters

The next time one of your salespeople returns from an important meeting, ask him or her how it went.:

  • “I put a face to the name.”
  • “I established rapport with their new buyer.”
  • “I walked them through our PowerPoint.”
  • “I presented our proposal.”

If they’ve been victims of sales training, you might hear something fancier . . .

  • “I countered their objections.”
  • “I differentiated us from the competition.”
  • “I uncovered some real pain points.”
  • “I negotiated access to the economic buyer.”

Notice the problem?

Every one of these statements, and hundreds more like them, describe things the salesperson does.

But what you really care about – what pays the rent – are the things your customer does.

The difference is not one of semantics. The difference cuts to the heart of how your salespeople need to think about what you pay them to do.


It’s not about how you sell. It’s about how they buy.

When you blow all the smoke away, this is what remains: Your salespeople do specific selling things only to help guide the customer toward doing specific buying things.

Coaching for Profit builds sales programs around understanding and shaping buyer behavior at every stage of the process.

If your salespeople are in the habit of “winging it” whenever they’re with a potential customer, that means they’re defaulting to someone else’s buying process.

Do you really want to pay them to be a spectator?

Coaching for Profit gives sales professionals – and the people who manage them – the tools they need to influence the buying process.

The distinction makes all the difference.  Call us.