The Performance Coaching Workshop


The Performance Coaching Workshop was designed to guide managers, supervisors, and executives through the most effective performance improvement program ever devised.

We say that in complete confidence. The foundation for this workshop was established decades ago by Ferdinand Fournies of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business, author of the New York Times bestseller, Why Employees Don’t Do What They’re Supposed To Do. It has since formed the basis of successful coaching engagements on five continents.

Now, for the first time, the Coaching Seminar has been updated to account for today’s workplace challenges: flextime, the remote workforce, and an increased reliance on temporary and contract workers.

As the nation’s foremost experts in the Fournies Coaching methodology, Coaching for Profit has distilled the critical essence of the program into a workshop that will forever change how your company does what it does, and propel you toward a culture of continued improvement and true accountability.

The Performance Coaching Workshop covers the following:

  • The most common management mistakes—and why managers fail as coaches
  • The “motivation” trap—and the real sources of job satisfaction
  • Redefining the work environment—and the economic risk of not noticing
  • Why employees keep doing “dumb” things—experience vs. training
  • Why workplace communication goes sideways—and how to avoid the attitude trap
  • Why employees don’t do what they’re supposed to do—and what to do about it
  • Top 16 reasons for poor performance—thousands of jobs, but only 16 reasons
  • Three types of feedback—with proven workplace feedback models
  • Building internal feedback systems—and recognizing what “finished” looks like
  • Building a four-step coaching process that really works—with accountability built in
  • Hands-on, real-world coaching use cases—bring your toughest management challenges!
  • Managing the face-to-face intervention—even if your employee doesn’t follow the script
  • How to screw this up—covering what not to do
  • Anticipating the coaching roadblocks—and the importance of follow up
  • Sidestepping the other agenda—because there’s always another agenda

Management is a system of interventions—specific things you do to get specific things done through others. We’ll give you a blueprint filled with specific things you can do that will improve employee performance.

You don’t get paid for what you do. You get paid for what your employees do. We’ll show you how to help them do more, and do it better.

The only reason for you to be there is to do everything in your power to help them be as successful as you need them to be. You succeed only when they succeed. We’ll help both of you succeed.

Once you conclude that an employee’s nonperformance results from his or her inherent limitations, you stop being a manager and become a spectator. We’ll keep you in the game.

The Performance Coaching Workshop is like no other training program out there.

Contact us, and we’ll tell you more.